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We support you on Relocation, Visa Process, Family Visa Process, Taxation, Social Security, and Insurance.

Consultant Connection Program

Employees perform best when they feel engaged, included, and supported as team members. This builds trust and job enjoyment, resulting in client satisfaction.

Our Consultant Connection program includes:

  • Onboarding including background checks, ensuring federal, state, local, and client compliance, and providing the information needed to be successful from the start.


  • Regular touchpoints by our HRBPs and AEs via phone, email,
    in-person, and through Workplace to review benefits, answer questions or concerns, share company information, and discuss engagement-survey feedback
  • Retention touchpoints focused on recognition (appreciation certificates, gift cards, rewards for cost-saving ideas), learning how the consultant is progressing, technical-training needs, policies on employee referrals, and more


  • Offboarding when reassignment, extension, or redeployment is not possible provides a detailed NEXT Guide to answer common questions; HRBPs handle all aspects of the offboarding process

Benefits and Perks

  • Medical Insurance
  • Dental Coverage
  • Medical Leaves
  • Annual Leaves
  • Reward and Incentive
  • HR Clinic
  • Upskilling Training


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Benefits and Perks:

  • Medical
  • Life Insurance
  • Dental
  • OPD
  • Social Security

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