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Dexian IT Solutions (formerly D2M) is an outcome-driven services and solutions partner serving enterprises across their IT operations and digital initiatives. We help organizations work to stay ahead of the demands of infrastructure management.


Creating the ideal experience for the people who keep our businesses thriving is crucial.

It is important to have partners who understand workforce and operational challenges and possess the right blend of experience and tools to help you elevate your technology to new heights. Dexian IT Solutions is your outcome-driven services and solutions partner serving enterprises across IT operations and digital initiatives.

Discover our Service Offerings:

AI / Cognitive Services

At Dexian, our cognitive automation services are designed to help you increase productivity, optimize performance, and gain a competitive edge in your industry.

Application Development

Application development, modernization, and support services elevate the flexibility of businesses by running their operations on the cloud.

Cloud Services

Our flexible engagement models and broad range of technologies help us to support your most critical cloud project requirements.


We will provide cohesive and powerful cybersecurity services to maximize threat prevention and ensure sound recovery strategies to protect your organization’s IT infrastructure on premise and on the cloud.

Data & Analytics

Dexian partners with your organization to design, build, and support an information-centric team that delivers vital insight into business data and boosts operational efficiency using trend analysis.

Data Center Services

We have the expertise and resources to support the monitoring and management of your data center, ensuring your IT systems are reliable and available.

HR Solutions

With our optimized workforce management strategy and support, organizations will benefit from streamlined operations and cost efficiencies.

Salesforce Services

We have the tools and expertise to help you facilitate a successful Salesforce implementation, optimize your sales experience, and maximize synergies.


At Dexian, we exceed expectations to deliver fast, agile, and personal services at scale.

Who we are.

Dexian IT Solutions (formerly D2M) is an outcome-driven services and solutions partner serving enterprises across their IT operations and digital initiatives.

For more than 25 years, we’ve been spearheading technological challenges – from day-to-day infrastructure support and digital transformation to leveraging automation and machine learning.

Through our digital foundation and digital transformation services, we help organizations solve some of their biggest enterprise challenges.

Our services include:

Cost Control:
Realizing technology infrastructure services cost efficiencies with financial transparency.

IT Transformation:
Identifying the right approach to modernize apps and infrastructure.

Risk Management:
Exploring and mitigating risks associated with IT infrastructure.

Adapting to rapidly changing customer requirements with the right investments in IT infrastructure.

Operational Accountability:
Finding the right experience and skills to run a modern IT operation.

End-user Experience:
Developing and implementing imperative Infrastructure Support Services (ISS).


Why Dexian IT Solutions?

minimal reduction of your IT operational costs
global locations
years supporting Fortune 500 companies
Onshore, offshore and nearshore SMEs

pre-built solution accelerators
Managed Services Business Operations (MBSO) in the US, Canada, Europe, India and Brazil
Fortune 500 global clients

Delivering Unrivalled Experience and Service Delivery.

At Dexian IT Solutions, we remove points of friction to deliver a simple, easy, and effective white glove experience:

  • Aligning with customer outcomes
  • Solution and risk sharing
  • Automation first approach
  • 24/7 Availability
  • Quick response
  • Transparent pricing
  • Flexible and scalable delivery models

A Certified IT Solutions Partner.

We leverage strategic partnerships with leading-edge technology solutions to empower competitive advantage and solve critical business challenges at the speed and potency you need.


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