About Us

Dexian is the fusion of DISYS and Signature Consultants

Who we are

At Dexian Asia, we utilize a unique combination of businesses, people, and technology to unlock trajectory changing opportunities.

Fulfilling the ambitions of everyone we serve and reaching new levels of success. Our fusion of global-scale and full-service capabilities creates an offer that is unmatched in the market.

What this means for organizations

The power of choice. We tailor our approach to you. Whether that’s our enterprise-grade, proven, systematic process propelled at DISYS, or a bespoke, consultative approach crafted by Signature. With Dexian Asia, we deliver for all. It means launching the solutions you need, whenever you need them, unlocking your organizations potential.

Offering the highest quality, diverse pool of talent across consulting and permanent roles in technology, finance, and other professional departments. And recruiting, developing, nurturing, and retaining premier global talent through our unique talent management program.

Discover our solutions

What this means for people

Access to fulfilling opportunities across consulting, permanent, and gig work, as well as frequent reassurance driven by our agent-like relationship, guiding you along the way. If you’re already registered with us and use our services, you don’t need to do anything. We have your profile and you’ll be taken care of by the same professionals day to day. But why not look at our services page to see how our fresh, innovative service can take your ambitions into the uncharted.

Amazing things happen when people with shared visions align, and we can’t wait to partner with you for the future.

Our leadership

Industry experts, thought leaders, business bellwethers

They set the tone and guide the way for our teams across the country

Meet our leadership team and learn how their experiences and expertise have helped build one of the largest IT staffing and Professional firms in the U.S